About Us

The first thing you should know is there are two of us and we are married.  We have a cute dog (Moose — picture below) and an old house (built in the 1800s).  We met while living in Washington D.C.  When one of us got a job in Denver, it was a no-brainer that we were both moving west.

After we arrived in Denver, we noticed the first question everyone in Denver asks is not “what do you do for a living?” but “what do you do for fun?”  And the answers we received ran the gamut from run marathons, to heli-skiing, to rock climbing.  We, however, like to do other things, mostly inside things.  We like to eat, but we don’t use the f-word (“foodie”).  We like to cook, but neither of us are Julia Childs.  We like to read, but we struggle for the time.  We also travel, a lot.  And like good Colorado residents, we are learning to do some of those outdoor things as well. This blog is our chronicle of these experiences and so much else.  Happy reading!

A word about the title: Andrew is an attorney, an advocate.  While in his day job he advocates for his clients, on the blog he advocates for Denver, and all of the awesome experiences that living in Denver (and traveling away from Denver) offers.  This blog is not meant to capture every awesome experience, but it is meant to both document the best experiences and serve as a resource for others.


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