Shoutout to Platt Park Brewing Company

We finally made it into Platt Park Brewing Company this week, well, Andrew did anyway.  We had been looking for any excuse to go.  When a friend was willing to drive down to our ‘hood, Andrew finally had a reason.  Now, you’ll probably say, you don’t need a reason to go.  Yes, that’s true, but we end trying so many spots (especially these days), that places, even in Platt Park, don’t get the attention they deserve.

In any event, as we mentioned elsewhere, we had already tasted a few of Platt Park’s beers.  For our holiday party, Andrew picked up four different beers.  The four were the Phaded Pale Ale, Gump’s Vienna Lager, Tropical Snow Dance IPA, and the Platt Park Porter.  Everyone really enjoyed the first three, though the Vienna Lager was the big hit.

Andrew had assumed the Vienna Lager would be his go-to beer at Platt Park, but after tasting a sample he wasn’t feeling it.  Instead, he started with the Phaded Pale Ale, which came a little closer to hitting the spot.  After the Phaded, Andrew had a pint of the Pillow Fight Pilsner, which was the money shot.  When he finished the first one, he ordered a second.

Among the nice touches at PPBC are the board games they keep on hand, the good variety of beers they have on top, and of course the obligatory food truck.  They also have trivia on Tuesdays and $12 growler refills on Wednesday.  We definitely need to get in on both of those.  The only negative, at least for Andrew, was the lack of a core wheat beer.  They have a Blackberry Berliner, but a hoppy wheat beer would be an excellent addition to their lineup.


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