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When we moved to Denver at the end of 2016, we started making an effort to get to know Denver in a variety of informal ways.  We went to events, made friends, and tried new restaurants and bars.  But most of all, we took day trips and weekend trips to cool mountain towns.  We would also turn to the more established publications, such as 5280, 303, Eater, and Westword, to name a few.  And some of our favorite articles from those resources are included in our Denver Travel Guide.

Once we got the idea for this blog, though, we started making a more concerted effort to get to know Denver.  Our friends have helped in this regard, suggesting a variety of resources.  And we thought our readers might appreciate hearing about some of those suggestions.  Hence this post, which is meant as a journal of the ways in which we are getting to know Denver.

Food + Drink

  • The Denver Dining Out Passbook (DDOP) is a hack to save money at some of Denver’s best restaurants.  The DDOP is perfect for folks that want either want to try new places or just get free drinks or free entrees at their neighborhood spot.
  • The Feast Locally card is perfect for people that eat out a lot and really like trying new places.  It is $100 for six months and features 20% off at four restaurants every month.
  •  The Winter Passport is perfect for folks that want to take boozie adventures around the city (or in the mountains).

Other Resources

  • Changing Denver is a podcast that came highly recommended, and justifiably so.  It is well done and very interesting.  Changing Denver is self-described as “a podcast about our city’s physical spaces, how we make them and how they make us.”  There are three seasons, and the episodes cover a broad range of topics.  For example, episodes include “The Newcomers and the Transplants”, “The Candidate”, “Colfax Stories”, and “What the %$&@ is the Golden Triangle?”
  • The Newcomers: Finding Refuge, Friendship, and Hope in an American Classroom, by Helen Thorpe is a book about immigrants moving to Denver.  Andrew actually ordered this book right after hearing about it on the Changing Denver podcast.  To write the book, Thorpe observed an ESL class at South High School.  She learned about the students and their families.  And, Thorpe noted at one point there were 22 students in the class that spoke 14 different languages.  Needless to say, the book sounds like an interesting read.
  • Denver Transplants is an Instagram feed modeled off of Humans of New York.  It focuses on individuals that have moved to Denver.  The stories and photos are well done, so we encourage people to give it a follow.

We hope these resources help folks get to know Denver better.


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