Shoutout to Pochito’s Tortilla Factory

Sometimes we just have to let folks know about a great experience, both so that we can remember it and so that others can seek it out.  At one of the holiday parties over the weekend, our friends got tamales from this little place called Pochito’s Tortilla Factory at 44th and Tejon.  Note, it is such a little place, they don’t even have a website.

As people probably know, tamales are notoriously hard to get right, many times they are dry or do not have enough filling.  Even at places that otherwise have incredible Mexican food, they can completely screw up the tamales.  Not at Pochitos.  Their tamales were absolutely unreal.  Our friends, who moved from Houston, said the tamales are better than anything they could find when they lived there.  High praise.

We’ll be seeking out Pochitos for more tamales in the near future, and we recommend others follow suit.


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